The CSR Agency GRI Certified Training Partner

In accordance to its purpose, mission and vision, The CSR Agency, as Certified Training Partner of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) in Romania, is proud to to start offering the:

GRI G4 CERTIFIED TRAINING course – GRI Sustainability Reporting Process

The aim of the GRI Certified Training Course is to give managers in large companies and SMEs, knowledge of the GRI Guidelines and sustainability reporting process, to facilitate sustainability reporting within their organization. Sustainability or CSR professionals, advocates or supporters in governmental, non-governmental, media or other organizations can also find useful information and tools in the course, for the benefit of their ventures.

The course starts with a basic introduction to sustainability reporting and takes participants through the five phases of the sustainability reporting process, focusing on local sustainability issues throughout.

At the end of the course participants will leave with a certificate of attendance and basic knowledge of the GRI Guidelines and the GRI sustainability reporting process.

Register nowGeneral Information

How long: 2 day training

When: 25th and 26th January 2017

Where: Bucharest, Romania

How much: 950 Euro + VAT

After this GRI Training Course participants will be able to:

  • Identify and understand the main features of the G4 Guidelines;
  • Recognize the tasks and decisions to be made during different phases of the reporting process to prepare a G4-based report focused on material Aspects;
  • Identify the content expected to be found in G4-based reports.


Training Program

(16 hours, two days, max 16 participants / session)


Sustainability reporting & GRI Guidelines

1.1   Sustainability reporting and GRI
1.2   The GRI G4 Guidelines
1.3   Introduction to the GRI reporting process


Plan your GRI sustainability reporting process

2.1   Imagine your GRI Sustainability Report
2.2   Develop a report development plan


Engage with stakeholders

3.1   Why engage with stakeholders

3.2   Identify & prioritize stakeholders

3.3   Dialogue with stakeholders


Defining material Aspects and Boundaries

4.1 Introduction to defining material Aspects and Boundaries

4.2 Identification

4.3 Prioritization

4.4 Validation


Build your report

5.1  Check internal systems and gather information
5.2  Discuss and set performance targets
5.3  Follow up


Check and communicate

6.1  Write & finalize the report
6.2  Communicate
6.3  Prepare for the next cycle
6.4  Reporting evaluation exercise

PART VII – GRI Support Suite

7.1   Preparation
7.2   Alignment
7.3   Communication
7.4   Analysis

 Trainer:                                          Participants:

Teodor Mitrana

Participants Testimonials

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  • EUR 950 + VAT | EUR 850 + VAT for early registration (30 days in advance);
  • EUR 650 + VAT for students and NGO’s employees;
  • 5% Discount per participant if two participants from the same organization register;
  • 10% Discount per participant if three participants from the same organization register;
  • 15% Discount per participant if more than four participants from the same organization register;
  • 5% Extra-discount per participant for organizations who joined Global Compact Network Romania.

Register nowFees include: 16 hours of training (2 days x 8 hours in Romanian or English), catering (coffee breaks), GRI G4 Course Slides (printed), GRI G4 Implementation Manual and Reporting Principles and Standard Disclosures (.pdf), certificate of attendance issued by the GRI.

Next course: 25th and 26th January 2017

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