Rio+20: Coke, Unilever, Other Giants Lead Natural Capital Initiative

June 19, 2012 in Our View

The Coca-Cola Company, Unilever and Xerox are among 24 major companies that have agreed to develop a methodology to assign value to the world’s forests, freshwater and marine systems. The Corporate Eco Forum and The Nature Conservancy are leading the Valuing Natural Capital initiative, announced at the United Nations’ Rio+20 Earth Summit.

In the New Business Imperative: Valuing Natural Capital report, the organizations lay out 4 business benefits of prioritizing ecosystems within business strategy:

  •     Cutting costs,
  •     Reducing risks,
  •     Enhancing brand and reputation, and
  •     Growing revenues

are mutually reinforcing and can be achieved through a variety of approaches.

The declaration was designed to complement other Rio+20 initiatives working to embed natural capital considerations across business, finance and national accounting systems. “Natural capital” is a term for the goods and services ecosystems provide, such as fresh water and food.

View the report (.pdf – 12,17 MB)