Ramona Sararescu

Ramona SararescuProject Manager of the Communication activities

Ramona Sararescu is in charge of the coordination of the CSR projects at GDF SUEZ Energy Romania.

Ramona Sararescu works at GDF SUEZ Energy Romania (former Distrigaz South company) where she coordinates the implementation of the social responsibility programs of the company, the public relations and corporate identity activities (2006 – present). She took part in various Corporate Communication, Sponsorship and Press Relations workshops as part of GDF Suez team. She started to work in communication in 2005.
Raluca Sararescu graduated from the Communication and Public Relations Master at the National School of Political and Administrative Studies in 2008 and from the Faculty of Letters, European Studies at the University of Bucharest in 2004. Also, she made an Erasmus traineeship at Michel de Montagne III University in Bordeaux (October 2003 – March 2004), attending the communication science courses.