Radu Petrescu

Radu PetrescuCommunication Director at Grup Servicii Petroliere

Radu Petrescu is in charge of the internal and external CSR communication strategy at GSP.

Communication Director at GSP since 2005, Radu Petrescu is in charge of the elaboration and implementation of the global communication strategy of the company, manages the internal and external communication activities, among these being the corporate communication, the marketing communication and the media relations. Radu Petrescu is also the GPS spokesman. Before joining GSP team, Radu Petrescu occupied similar positions in different companies and worked as a consultant at the Center of Political Studies and Comparative Analysis in Bucharest.

Radu Petrescu is a graduate of the MBA program organized by DeSales University, Pennsylvania, in collaboration with the Romanian – American University from Bucharest and of the Faculty of Political Science at the Univerity of Bucharest.