Mona Nicolici

Mona NicoliciHead of Community Relations and Social Affairs at OMV Petrom S.A

Mona Nicoloci is in charge of the coordination of the sustainability, community engagement and community development activities.

CSR Projects: In 2007, Petrom launched the social responsibility platform „ Respect pentru Viitor” delivering prolific CSR projects with concrete results answering the society and the environment needs, as an integrated factor of the course of Petrom business. The Petrom CSR plaftorm which developed projects as „ Parcurile Viitorului”, „Resurse pentru viitor”, „Sprijin pentru viitor” or „Tara lui Andrei” and „Acces la viata” gained knowledge both nation-wide and internationally. Mona Nicolici attended a master in Communication and Public Relations at the National School of Political and Administrative School and the Faculty of Communications „David Ogilvy” and in 1993, she graduated from the Faculty of Building Services at the Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest.

Currently she is the leader of the Community Relations and Social Affairs Department at Petrom Romania, after being a CSR Communication Manager and a Spokesperson for 4 years at the same company. She was a television journalist for 11 years and in this position she was a news editor, producer, publisher and a presenter.