Microsoft Corporation has published its 2012 Citizenship Report

October 25, 2012 in Reporting

Microsoft released its annual Citizenship Report, offering a transparent overview and assessment of the company’s efforts over the past fiscal year (FY), between July 2011 and June 2012. The Citizenship Report details goals, successes and areas for improvement in categories such as human rights, governance, giving and environmental sustainability. The report was released in tandem with the annual financial report to provide a complete, end-to-end view of Microsoft as a company, more so as the company focus on corporate citizenship goes in two complementary directions: serving communities around the world and working responsibly in its own business.

Since it first appeared as a company, back in 1975, but more so with the passing of time and with the fast changing contemporary world, Microsoft responded by applying its technology, ingenuity, and collaborative spirit to help solve the critical challenges that aroused everywhere, and create fulfilling and exciting opportunities for people.

“We’ve always believed that technology creates opportunities for people and organizations to realize their full potential. This belief inspires us to deliver new technology that unleashes creativity, productivity, and opportunity for more and more people around the world. The report describes our citizenship work in FY2012 and shares our vision for what’s to come. Together with our annual financial report, it provides a full accounting of our fiscal and citizenship priorities and performance. The full scope of our citizenship activities includes serving communities, championing the growth of our people, and advancing our commitment to responsible business policies and practices. In particular, we are increasing our focus on young people in order to help more and more youth reach their dreams”, stated Steven Ballmer, the Microsoft CEO, in the introductory part of the report.

After a general statement on its responsibility and a brief description of the company, which both are emphasizing ethical principles and innovation, the report is focusing in detail on the two major directions of Microsoft sustainable activity. In serving communities, the report highlights the creation of new opportunities for youth, the massive help toward nonprofit organizations, the encouragement of the company employee to make a difference in society, humanitarian assistance in times of need and the help of those with disabilities or of the senior citizens. In regard with working responsibly, the 2012 report stresses the improvements of work benefits within the company, the reduction of environment impact of the business, the firmly support of human rights, the supply chain responsibility and general governance.

Highlighting the Microsoft achievements in 2012, the most important numbers of the report are:

  • more than $900 million in cash and software to 62.200 nonprofits worldwide;
  • nearly $100 million contributed through the employee giving and company match program;
  • reached 120 countries through the philanthropy programs;
  • made the company’s biggest ever investment in overall employee compensation;
  • reduce carbon emissions by 30% per unit of revenue compared with 2007;
  • released our Global Human Rights Statement to communicate our policies and practices;
  • required 100% of suppliers to abide by the internal revised Vendor Code of Conduct.
To guide Microsoft citizenship work, the company consulted international frameworks such as the Global Reporting Initiative’s Sustainability Reporting Guidelines, the United Nations (UN) Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and the UN Global Compact. Besides the reporting in itself, the 2012 Citizenship Report serves also as the Communication on Progress of Microsoft commitment to the UN Global Compact.

About Microsoft

Microsoft is maybe the best known American company, with activities in developing, manufacturing, licensing and supporting a wide range of products and services related to computing. Founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, Microsoft is currently the world’s largest software manufacturer and among the most valuable companies worldwide. As a company Microsoft is committed to its customers and partners and have a passion for technology, but in the same time takes a big pride in the sustainability of its business. Microsoft’s Global Citizenship Initiative is focused on mobilizing the resources across the company and around the world, to create opportunities in the communities where it does business, and to fulfill the commitment to serving the public good through innovative technologies and partnerships. Through its programs and partnerships, Microsoft supports numerous projects and organizations around the world working to expand opportunities, and help improve digital inclusion, through technology access and training.

Microsoft in Romania

Microsoft is present in Romania since 1992. Today it has more than 300 employees, working within the technical support center in Bucharest, and within the development center in Timisoara. Microsoft mission in Romania is the development of local IT industry, through the implementation of the company’s business model. Beside generating business initiatives through long term investments, Microsoft aims to facilitate the access of the Romanians to high level technology, as well as forming competences and education of the locals in the IT domain.