Free management briefing on what business can do to tackle deforestation

October 7, 2014 in Press Releaseas

Here is Innovation Forum’s new management briefing on what companies can do to minimise their deforestation footprints, work with NGOs and manage legal and reputational risk.

It features contributions from Greenpeace, TFT, Marks & Spencer, Neste Oil, Canopy, Robertsbridge and many others. There’s some really useful insight in there into how to deal with risk, manage transparency, engage stakeholders and work with NGOs.

A global conference combatting deforestation has recently been launched by Innovation Forum. The event – How business can tackle deforestation – is to be held in London on 28-29 October.

The key objective of the conference is to bring together the key players in the space to promote discussion and progress, as business strives to remove deforestation from the corporate supply chain.

For more information on this conference and the surrounding analysis, head to