Provident Financial Romania

Provident FinancialProvident Financial Romania is our third client. We started working in June 2012 for a project that aims to improve non-financial reporting process. The company reported non-financial impact in Romania since 2008, our goal was to improve social responsibility report for 2011.

Provident Financial is a non-banking financial institution, registered in the General Register of the National Bank. The company is part of the International Personal Finance (IPF), a leading international provider of consumer credit at home with headquarters in the UK and is present in Romania since 2006.


  • Reporting Strategy – Sustainability Report 2011

About Provident Financial Romania

Provident Financial was launched in Romania in spring 2006, based on a business model with a history of over 130 years, home loan, ie small amounts of short term loans within 48 hours, without guarantees and bureaucracy.

After investment of over 140 million euros, the company now has 700 employees and over 3,500 independent agents in over 60 outlets across the country. Provident Financial CSR priorities are  financial education, community investment and environment. Financial education program, Family Budget and community investment program, “Each park has its story!” are the most important ones in the area of corporate responsabilities.

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For additional information, please contact Silvia Mihalache, Corporate Affairs Director ( or Romina Rosu, CSR Coordinator (

The company is part of the British International Personal Finance (IPF), the second largest employer in the UK Central and Eastern Europe. IPF was formed in 2007 by detaching the international division of Provident Financial group activity in Britain and is today one of the most powerful 250 British companies listed on the London Stock Exchange. The group has over 2.4 million customers and, in addition to Romania, successfully conducted activities in Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Mexico. SP now has over 6,300 employees and over 28,000 independent agents. Read more on the Group website –