The Civil Society Gala Foundation

The Civil Society Gala, a project of The Civil Society Gala Foundation reaches its 10th edition this year. Since 2002, the year when it all started, the event focused on creating a civic behavior model for the Romanian society as well as on bringing the Romanian non-governmental sector in the spotlight.

Today, The Civil Society Gala Foundation is an umbrella project for:

The Civil Society Gala

A competition that aims to award the projects developed by the NGOs and to put in the spotlight the most important civic initiatives.

The Volunteers Stock Exchange

An online fair of volunteers -the “NGO projects and Volunteers” section (500 volunteers available at this moment, wishing to activate in an NGO) on

Promo for NGOs

The perfect environment where the ongoing projects and the permanent activities of the NGOs can be promoted – the “News” and “Events” sections on

Adopt an NGO

A campaign ( that targeted bloggers, PR and Advertising agencies and music artists, who adopted different NGOs, helping them gain more visibility and awareness for their projects

Communicators for the Civil Society

A program ( that trains students from universities with communication profiles and guarantees them internships in NGOs and Cultural Institutions. There for,  this project satisfies both needs: the students’ need to gather work experience, and also the NGOs and Cultural Institutions’ to makeup for the lack of Communication specialists in their team.