Bortun Olteanu and The CSR Agency are Communicating Responsible for Carpatcement Holding

April 11, 2013 in Our View, Press Releaseas

Bucharest, 3rd April 2013 – Starting with March 2013, Bortun Olteanu has become the official PR agency of Carpatcement Holding S.A., one of the biggest cement producers in Romania. Bortun Olteanu will work in partnership with The CSR Agency – Carpatcement consultants regarding sustainability and corporate social responsibility, who are in their third year of collaboration with the cement producer.

bogdan-olteanu1Among the services provided by Bortun Olteanu will be the strategic PR consultancy, media relations, blogger relations, social media and PR events.

“We are pleased that we have the chance to work with Carpatcement, a company with a huge economic and social impact. It was one of the most interesting briefs that we had in the last years” declared Bogdan Theodor Olteanu, Managing Director at Bortun Olteanu.

The selection of the agency was made through an auction organized by Carpatcement, which drove the proposals of several PR agencies.

Bogdan Arnautu“The proposals of the team formed by Bortun Olteanu and The CSR Agency have responded very well to our communication requirements. I’m sure that we’ll have a very good partnership, with relevant results for all those involved in our projects”, declared Bogdan Arnautu, Carpatcement Communication Manager .

Bortun Olteanu team managing this account consists of Bogdan Theodor Olteanu (Managing Director), Dana Amzoiu (PR Manager) and Anca Badescu (PR Executive).

The collaboration between The CSR Agency and Carpatcement started in 2011. The agency adapted the global sustainability strategy of the HeidelbergCement Group in order to suit the needs of the Romanian market. The adapting process was based on stakeholder engagement programmes, development in the communities where the cement producer operates (Bicaz, Deva, Fieni) and central stakeholder engagement.

In 2013, The CSR Agency continues its collaboration with Carpatcement and has a new series of projects integrated in the CSR strategy of HeidelbergCement Group, which is adapted to the national and local needs, relevant for Carpatcement and its stakeholders.

Besides the ongoing projects for the local communities, this year the agency will develop projects that aim to ensure a sustainable frame for the company’s activities in Romania through improving the non-financial results. Also, this year the cement producer will publish its first local CSR report according to the international standard Global Reporting Initiative.

Dragos Tuta - Founder and Managing Partner of The CSR Agency‘During these three years of collaboration we were surprised to discover a company that knows how to listen and understands what are the opinions and the needs of its stakeholders. We are talking about the members of the communities where the company has the biggest impact, but also about the representatives of central authorities or leaders of the Civil Society in Romania.  The common projects are successful case studies that were possible due to the fact that the management team lead by Florian Aldea understood the importance of the non-financial results which ensure the sustainability of the business. While, in general, the Romanian companies shout that they are responsible and ‘demonstrate’ their responsibility through sponsorships, in this case we met managers that went to specialized training programmes, decided to interact with the stakeholders and invest in projects that don’t have financial results on the short term.’, mentioned Dragos Tuta, Senior Consultant and Managing Director – The CSR Agency.

The CSR Agency is the first agency in Romania which is specialized in sustainability consultancy and CSR. It came into existence in February 2011 and since then it delivers strategic consultancy, training, CSR reporting, audit and sustainability assurance. It also designs projects that aim to improve the non-financial performance and raise the public’s confidence in the business environment. Among the clients of the agency are Carpatcement Holding, Ursus Breweries, Provident Financial Romania and Avon Cosmetics.

The CSR Agency’s team responsible for this account consists of Dragos Tuta (Senior Consultant), Dan Draghia (Consultant and Account Manager), Aleksandrina Mihaylova (Consultant and Project Manager), Stefania Grajdeanu (CSR Reporting Consultant) and Laura Velcea (Account Executive).