Mihaela Dumitrașcu

Communication&Online Marketing Specialist

Mihaela Dumitrașcu is a communication & marketing specialist running numerous projects in the field of communication, social media, visual and online journalism.  She started her career as a journalist back in high school writing for a local church magazine, later studying journalism at The University of Bucharest and specializing in Visual and Online Journalism. During this time, she was also trained by Center for Independent Journalism and wrote for several online publications as Divers.ro, InfoCampus.ro, Hogares de Esperanza, collaborating with journalists from US, Germany, Japan and Spain. Her professional path led also to visual journalism, shooting for Think Outside the Box.ro and Mediafax Foto, Romania’s leading press photography supplier.

In 2013, she joined The CSR Agency’s team to improve all her visual and communication skills into a new field: corporate social responsibility, and currently she manages the communication channels and e-commerce projects of the Agency.