Dragoș Tuță

Founder & Managing Partner

Dragoș Tuță is a Romanian consultant, entrepreneur and one of the most powerful voices in Romania when it comes to promoting and supporting responsible business practices and sustainable management.

Starting 2011, he has devoted his career to promoting sustainability among private companies and founded The CSR Agency, company whose General Manager is now. His pivotal part in developing sustainable business practices became even more powerful once he took over the position of General Manager for the UN Global Compact Romania, in 2015. Dragoș strongly believes that the Romanian Standard of Living will significantly improve once the Romanian companies become more and more responsible and the accountability level increases. That is why, together with his team, he is helping managers to lead their organization in a responsible manner and supports CSR coordinators in researching, planning, managing and monitoring their non-financial reporting process.

At the CSR Agency, Dragoș manages a great team of specialists, that relate to the sustainability trend, in a direct or indirect way. His main focus is on implementing the CSR practices and developing the Romanian Sustainability culture, hoping for a future where people truly understand and appreciate the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility.