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Passionate about communication, social entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility? Want to develop your skills in an environment dedicated to learning and growing both businesses and people?  Are you young, creative and have an analytical mind? We know… you might have read this ad somewhere else… We don’t promise you the stars, the moon, or the biggest piece of the pie (although we do love our pie)… but what we can promise is a challenging start to your career.

Candidate profile:

The ideal candidate is a first or second year student in management and/or communications, has a sense of humour, is willing to learn, is not easily scared or discouraged by menial tasks, always ready for a challenge, is not afraid to ask questions, passionate about communication and social initiatives, who is good with the written word, but is also comfortable around a pie-chart or a spreadsheet.


  • experience with editing content in web platforms (WordPress, Joomla or other CMS platforms).
  • knows his way around a spreadsheet, a presentation and a text editor.
  • good with the written word.
  • good written and verbal English (need we say that perfect Romanian is compulsory?).
  • team player.
  • a strong commitment for meeting deadlines.
  • works well under pressure and is determined to rise above expectations.
  • excellent interpersonal skills (you will be interacting with all sorts of people, and being able to talk on the phone is one of the key skills of this internship).
  • experience with organizing events is a plus.
  • experience with data acquisition (building databases) and/or telemarketing is a plus.

Job description:

The internship will last 2 months and will involve working on all the projects of The CSR Agency, according to the planned needs during this timeframe. In other words, we want you to learn a bit of everything and help each-other grow, focusing on what is more appealing to you in the end. We want determined people, who understand the learning value of an internship.

The highlights of the job are (which means “not-limited-to”):

  • creating and updating internal databases, lists and contacts.
  • proof-reading internal materials and content to be posted on The CSR Report (
  • taking part in copywriting activities.
  • writing content for the company website and/or Facebook page and posting the content.
  • support in implementing and organizing events for clients.
  • support in organizing training sessions.
  • support in comprising sustainability reports for clients.
  • uploading information to both the company website and partner websites.
  • sourcing new partners/media partners and establishing partnerships.
  • identifying competitors.
  • weekly status reports.
  • 6 hours a day with a flexible schedule between 9.00-18.00.

Why do it?

  • a chance to learn first-hand what CSR strategy and reporting is all about, while honing your skills as potential social entrepreneurs.
  • a chance to acquire new and further strengthen your skills in communications, marketing, event planning, project management and of course CSR.
  • the possibility to attend the training sessions organised by the company.
  • get to know the economic sector in Romania by interacting with some of the biggest companies.
  • to be part of a young and dynamic team which knows when to put the pedal to the metal, but also when to push on the break.

Does it sound appealing?

If YES is your answer, please send your CV along with a cover letter, both in English, to Let’s meet!


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